Allison Runchey is a Healing Touch Practitioner who is interning at The Healing House to complete her Master’s degree in Holistic Health at St. Catherine University. She is providing Healing Touch sessions free of charge for current clients of The Healing House. To schedule with Allison, please contact her directly at: or 612-499-0280.

 Healing Touch is an energy healing technique that uses gentle touch on or near the body to promote deep relaxation, physical vitality and emotional wellbeing. It balances the body’s natural energy system and can help improve immunity, reduce pain and anxiety, support individuals through life transitions, and strengthen recovery from trauma or addiction. 

I began learning and practicing Healing Touch in 2012 for my own wellbeing and decided I wanted to share it with others. I completed a year of graduate level coursework in energy healing at St. Catherine’s University, five levels of training with Healing Touch Program, and a multi-year apprenticeship. 

My philosophy of healing is that your own inner healer is the guiding force for your recovery and wellbeing. My role is to help your body, mind, and spirit come into their natural state of energetic balance and to encourage your capacity for self-healing.