Presentations and Workshops

Laure Schwartz, MA, LPC, is an experienced speaker, presenter, and workshop leader. She is available to present at holistic events, plus, provides training and workshops in any of the listed areas of interest. To find out more, email at or call 612/269-9635. 


Creative Process as Path

Creativity is accessible in everyone yet, our busy, distracted lives keep us from the benefits of creating. Are you and others stuck in stagnant routines without purpose? Participants with this topic will learn the difference between fixing yourself, your situation or relationships and move into creating exactly what you want in life, work, and play. Learn the specific steps of the creative process for every aspects of your life.

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Identifying trauma symptoms

Loss, abuse, unexpected life changes can activate the fear response in the brain and nervous system, becoming stuck in trauma symptoms. When anxiety can co longer be tolerated in the mind and body, we plummet into depression. Participants with this topic will learn how to identify and track body symptoms and behaviors associated with anxiety and depression, in self and with others, related to unresolved trauma. Learn when and how to refer to an appropriate therapist.


Early developmental attachment

Our adult relationships generally mirror our earliest experiences involving caregivers with feeling secure or not, belonging or not, and feeling loved just the way we are.... or not. Participants with this topic will learn about early attachment brain development and healing supported by the right-brain hemisphere. Learn techniques to use with self and others to regain a close attachment to your deepest Self/Soul.

compassion fatigue

Are you a caregiver or professional in a field of companioning others' wholeness and healing process? In this presentation, participants will learn the difference between self-care and self-advocacy, learn to recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue, and learn how to track and regulate one's nervous system when working with other's trauma and suffering.