Here is a video demonstrating what trauma is and how it affects our being.

The definition of trauma is any event that happens too quickly or for too long that threatens one's well being. We often think of only physical trauma but these threatening events can also happen spiritually and emotionally. I incorporate Somatic Experiencing in my work with people. What happens in the nervous system when unresolved trauma symptoms remain overtime? People often experience a state of hyper-vigilance that seems unending; a looking for threat where one does not exist. This is often diagnosed as anxiety. When the body can no longer keep up the state of hyper-vigilance, then it will preserve energy by going into shut down and this can look like depression. The person stuck in these stages usually has no idea that they are dealing with unresolved trauma symptoms in the body. 

Somatic Experiencing is used to become aware of the body sensations and where trauma is being held. I use techniques to move this energy out and access places where strength and empowerment are available to you. To learn more about Somatic Experiencing, click here. Please contact me for more information or schedule an appointment. Begin your healing now!