Our Deepest Knowing: Reconnecting to the Soul After Trauma

Laure Schwartz, MA, LPC, is a Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director who incorporates somatic experiencing into her work. Laure leads a 3 hour workshop for curious clients and clinicians who want to learn more about this integrative approach to healing trauma. Complex and acute trauma can temporarily leave us feeling disconnected from our own inner wisdom, the Soul.

Participants will:

- learn to recognize the spiritual, mental, and physical symptoms of unresolved trauma and the beliefs implemented to self-guard against future trauma.

- learn why negative beliefs about self, others, and the world become set neurologically, especially in early attachment developmental trauma, and how to begin changing beliefs.

- learn how discovering and trusting one's truest nature and deepest knowing is key to changing incongruent behavior.

- experience a live demonstration of an integrative approach using body, mind, and spirit.

CEUs available: