What is Liminal Space?

Liminal space is that place between what once was and what is waiting to happen. Unforeseen life changes, restlessness, or stuckness can be signs that you are in a liminal space. It may feel unsettling. The temptation is to cling to what is familiar. John Welwood writes, “In trying to fit new situations into old formulas, we lose the presence and stillness of mind out of which new insights emerge. Once we let go of old preconceptions, the next essential ingredient is a willingness to let ourselves rest in a state of “not knowing” for long enough to allow new solutions to come forth.” Stillness or a willingness to wait, is how we catch the numinous, that which is beckoning to us. Your deepest desires may be inching toward the surface of your conscious knowing. Dreams, journaling, spending time in nature, poetry, art and photography are tools to explore that which is beckoning you. In Liminality, the Soul not only becomes free but also awake. Is there an awakening inside you? Book an appointment today! www.healinghousesaintpaul.org